Maestro Capital Research is an investment research firm focused on developing and providing effective, real-time trading and investment strategies to funds and individual investors using stocks, ETFs, equity options, and futures.  Founded by Roger Koehler, Maestro is the result of over 30 years of successful technical and fundamental trading and investing expertise.

As with master compositions, successful investment strategies are discovered not within the distracting chatter of a noisy herd, but through extensive study, unique perspective, and a deep passion for the art.  This intensive, creative process has been employed by the principals at Maestro Capital Research for decades.

At Maestro Capital Research, we have developed a diversified portfolio of strategies that help investors profit not only during the steady growth periods, but also during the volatile declines with significantly less drawdowns than with the classic “buy, hold, and hope” approach. Based on years of successful trading and investing experience, Maestro Capital Research continues to carve out a competitive edge and generate returns well above the market averages.*

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